Sunday, June 19, 2011

Farewell Castillo.......

For the past two months, I've been living at my mom's place in northern California. She needs my help and as it turns out I need hers as well. El Castillo lies on shaky ground. The Municipality of Nicoya stepped up their years long effort to demolish the property because it lacks building permissions. Spurred by a new mayor the enforcement campaign is reviewing all properties close to the beach in Guanacaste. Over twenty years ago when Klaus built El Castillo, no zoning plan (plan regulador) existed in the area and farmers just sold their land. Since I arrived over five years ago I always knew it was a magic carpet ride. No secure future with El Castillo forced one to appreciate what was already here and live in the moment. For my friend and teacher Klaus I know the fight will continue and he may ward off the dogs of Nicoya for years to come, but my time ends for now. Already my plastic roof hut has been destroyed to appease the Muni and Hannes has left for Samara. I stored what things I could with friends and will leave this blog intact. Our special place will always be a magic vortex of life's connective energy surging with infinite possibility like every crashing wave on playa Buena Vista.

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