Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amazing Flood

I'm starting to get excited about building a new kitchen on higher ground. Three days of rain swelled the estuary and took a huge bite out of our shoreline. The two palm trees that were slowly eroding just gave up and went swimming. My floor was wet, but not truly flooded and the Wunderbar escaped major flooding thanks to trench diggin Hannis. In five years I've never witnessed the ocean and rain work together so aggressively to reclaim the land. I'm listening and looking at what a wonderful spot the parking lot would make for a kitchen. Intense weather makes me feel alive so although things may be changing, it's an exciting time! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Season of Kids and Pizza

This dry season we had more kids at El Castillo than I can remember. Families that stayed for holiday and large pizza parties made for many fun moments.

Semana Santa (Tico Easter)

Easter is a big holiday for Ticos and even our remote playa Buena Vista had some fun crowds.

River Ride

Bart the Belgium does horse tours on beaches, over mountains and through rivers. This time one rider brought a camera - enjoy the view.


Another cat?!? Well I tried to say no when this guy wandered in two months ago, but look at him. He's fearless and spontaneous and the only cat I've ever seen jump three feet in the air and land directly on the back of a four foot iguana! The look on the iguana's face was priceless.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just for Ben

Ben loves this place! Here's a tribute to Marc & Anke's incredible boy who has visited El Castillo ever since he was born.

Ben the Artist & The Easter Egg Hunt

Rising Tides

Nothing is permanent and all things always change including our beach/estuary front. The high spring tides push through the walls and put the ocean on our doorstep. Who knows how long our little paradise will stay above water, but that only makes me appreciate my time here even more.