Monday, January 11, 2010

More pictures!

Bea and Stefan took some great pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here are some recents shots from the holidays. The night parties were fun, but this year Christmas day and New Years day were both more fun.

And the cats?

Eve and Rose are still cats in paradise. Ramone died and will be missed.

Creative Energy

People don't just stay at the Castle. They're encouraged to look around and transform something into their own unique creation. Bea and Susie impressed us all.

What's Klaus doing?

Never short of vision, Klaus again wants his penthouse. Last year he made some stairs to access the roof from his room, but let's just say it didn't work out. As you can see this time he's even more ambitious. The window to the world is also a classic Klaus project.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

El Hombre con El Pan

Instead of getting a job I started baking bread. In July I created a wheat loaf and a Ciabatta, outfitted my bike with plastic baskets and swam through the river to get to samara and sell my product. It's been growing slowly and combined with pizza at night makes everything more possible. It has potential as I enjoy the work and eat the bread. The morning pace is simple and the afternoon brings deliveries with time for visiting friends and possibly surfing. Did I mention the best part? I now deliver on a Honda GL125 motorcycle! Thanks to friends and family I bought this bike to grow the business. I miss the exercise of riding every day to Samara............NOT! Check out my bread box that has undergone intense field testing.

A Time For Change

Rainy Season 2009 was tough. No work, no money and no transportation. Sounds familiar, but anxiety over uncertainty filled my head with doubt. I looked at other job options including teaching english and/or web programming - both left me empty with practicality and lacking passion. Clarity came as I realized nothing changed since I turned my life in this direction. I still have only myself to feed and the freedom to try "crazy" things and explore what works for me. Read the next posts for what happened and for now enjoy these images of the draining estuary. Two guys dug a trench from the estuary to the ocean that was only one meter wide and centimeters deep. These pictures were taken the next morning after it rained all night and the tide came in - the estuary drained completely in two hours!