Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Job for Rainy Season

Queensland tourism seeks a caretaker to promote the Great Barrier Reef by keeping a blog of experiences for six months. On top of living on Hamilton Island they're paying some 80k for the job which has generated endless amounts of free publicity. The website currently lists 15,500 videos received and from this, 50 will be top selected and then 10 and then one. Before you laugh too much at mine, check out some other applicants on - Whatever happens, it was great fun to make the video and reminded me how much I miss updating this blog. The video was made with borrowed computers and cameras and there in lies my technical problem. This year's dry season hasn't yielded too much fruit yet for computer shopping. The global knee jerk response to hold on to money shows me dry season can feel much like rainy season when it comes to pizza dollars. Looking past judgments on this season, the very fact that I'm writing this entry on a full stomach always makes me smile. Also I'm excited about the new opportunities created from needing some extra cash. Australia is one possibility but the world is completely open and I find myself where I did four years ago - free to apply my enthusiasm in any direction. Teaching English has come up again and doing so in Thailand sounds that much better - vamos a ver! For the moment I focus on what's really here - not so much work means more time to appreciate what's right in front of me.

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