Thursday, October 2, 2008

Total Fluff

Three months ago I looked down at my feet and saw two new arrivals at the castle. Well my compliments to all people brave enough to try any kind of parenting - even kittens. These girls have given me my share of stress, stinky poop and holes in my plastic roof from eager new claws. Hours and hours I´ve spent trying to seal my room only for them to discover another weakness. Of course in the end the cliche rings true - no problem is greater than the love they give back and your heart is a bigger victim than any roof or torn mosquito net. To be fair the girls are not the first cats to arrive on my watch. Ramone is the official cat of the castle with 20 lbs of uneutered alley cat he´s earned the name "scabby cat big head." Driven by impulse his fighting takes a tole with broken paws, ripped out claws and nasty cuts, but he gets through it all with that same smirk on his face. But Ramone adopted me and although I´ve helped him how I can he doesn´t really need anyone. The girls let me play parent and as such I´ll have them fixed as soon as they´re ready and before Ramone tries to claim his harem. Like any parent I have too much video of the cats, but remember it´s rainy season and in the next few weeks I´ll actually post a video with people.