Monday, September 1, 2008

A great place to start..

Has anyone seen this video on Youtube?

Originally made five years ago by German television featuring Guanacaste Costa Rica, this excerpt about Don Klaus and the Castillo shows the beauty of the place and gives insight into the character of the man. It´s in German but basically the commentator berates Klaus a bit saying his hotel remains empty because he doesn´t utilize the Internet, his car sits broken and he drinks wine in the afternoon. Klaus counters the stereotype of success or lack of it pointing out that with less here you can see more. This is not a hotel or hostel for those that travel with their lifestyles and keep real experience at bay. If you leave your expectations at home then you can really enjoy what´s actually here. The cameraman goes beyond all the words and reveals the bright colors, soft winds and ocean rumbles that make imaginations stir. Many Germans visit just because of this video and it´s a great starting place to see the castle. There is a nice touch of irony starting this blog with decent Internet access now available at the castle, but hey.....

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